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Finally you can have the important soft contact lens parameters of the major contact lens manufacturers conveniently organized in a handy desk reference periodical for your office.

We at TYLER'S QUARTERLY offer updates promptly on a quarterly basis - FOUR TIMES A YEAR - not just once a year and out of date by the time you receive it.

Thousands of practitioners across the country already are benefiting from knowing exactly what is on the market by subscribing to TYLER'S QUARTERLY.  We give you, the practitioner, all the important parameters you need to know about the latest on the market in the soft and gas perm field.  If the FDA has approved it, we list it.

In our third decade of publication, we offer a regular subscription to TYLER'S QUARTERLY which includes both the following formats of TQ:

The information contained in TYLER'S QUARTERLY is presented to you in cooperation with all the contact lens manufacturers listed and is compiled for easy reference by you.

Won't you do yourself and your office staff a favor?  Order TYLER'S QUARTERLY for your office today!  A one year single subscription is only $55.00 for the Professional Edition; our Professional and Office Editions as a set is only $75.00 a year. Think of the office time you will save by having this organized up-to-date publication at hand, and you will see that it will have paid for itself in no time.

TYLER'S QUARTERLY keeps you on top of the latest in contact lens offerings, enabling you to communicate with contact lens salespeople with the assurance as to how different manufacturers' lenses compare.

Rely on TYLER'S QUARTERLY to save you time and effort.  New subscriptions will begin with our latest issue, or if you prefer, our next printing.